Frequently Asked Questions

Can I include your games in my YouTube video or Twitch stream?

Absolutely. Feel free to use our games on any stream or video you like, monetized or otherwise. There’s no need to ask permission, although we would love to hear about it.

How do I support you guys?

The simplest way is to donate via the PayPal link on our front page, but short of that, just enjoy the games, spread the word, and send your fan creations to our Tumblr blog!

Can I become part of the team?

Askiisoft is not seeking additional members or assistance at this time, although we do collaborate with other creators quite often.

When will you release another game?

We generally announce games on our Twitter and Facebook, so follow us for updates. You can send us messages there, too!

Will your games be available on iOS/Android?

There are no current plans to port any of our games to mobile.

Will your games be available on Steam/XBLA/PSN/eShop/etc?

Stay tuned!