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Katana ZERO preview
Katana ZERO
2019 - PC / MAC / SWITCH  
Katana ZERO is a fast paced neo-noir action platformer, focusing on tight, instant-death acrobatic combat, and a dark 80's neon aesthetic.
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OverPowered preview
2014 - PC / Mac  
Brave the mysterious Pit of True Heroes with the aid of friendly old sage Master Toh and take on the fearsome demon Lord Zenithius!

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Pause Ahead preview
Pause Ahead
2013 - Web
Pause Ahead is a jumping-and-pausing action game. Pause through the caves until you reach the ending.
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Tower of Heaven preview
Tower of Heaven
2009 - PC / Web  
A retro handheld adventure reaching for the heavens.

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Pocket Squirrel preview
Pocket Squirrel
Pocket Squirrel is a surreal mobile game about catching and raising squirrels.
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