2014 - PC / Mac  

Handcrafted with much love and little sleep in just 72 hours, OverPowered is our submission to Indies vs PewDiePie.

From the creators of Tower of Heaven and Pause Ahead comes yet another challenging platforming adventure! Brave the mysterious Pit of True Heroes with the aid of friendly old sage Master Toh and take on the fearsome demon Lord Zenithius! There's just one problem... you're incredibly scrawny and underpowered, with barely enough strength to even lay one finger on a bunny. Can you really become a True Hero in time to save the world from apocalyptic destruction?

「Tower of Heaven (天国の塔)」や「Pause Ahead」を発表したチームがお届けする横スクロールアドベンチャーが日本語字幕付きでリリースされました!



Download for PC (v2.0.0 ENG / 日本語)

Download for Mac (v1.2.1 ENG only)
Download installer for PC

Programming: Tadakuni Amano
Music/SFX: flashygoodness
Art: Kenju
Voices: Bill Kiley
Japanese Script: Niko Aoba
Special Thanks: Austin Ivansmith (Mac version)